No Tech Tuesday…Let’s listen shall we

Child listening

For all the wonderful advantages technology provides us it also has the wonderful ability to distract us from tasks that need to be completed. (I think i was texting on my phone while i just wrote that last sentence) So how can we take some tech away, to help with our little ones listening skills. Here are a few facts to go along with some techniques to help.

Real listening is an active process that has three basic steps

  • Hearing. Hearing just means listening enough to catch what the speaker is saying. For example, say you were listening to a report on zebras, and the speaker mentioned that no two are alike. If you can repeat the fact, then you have heard what has been said.
  • Understanding. The next part of listening happens when you take what you have heard and understand it in your own way. Let’s go back to that report on zebras. When you hear that no two are alike, think about what that might mean. You might think, “Maybe this means that the pattern of stripes is different for each zebra.”
  • Judging. After you are sure you understand what the speaker has said, think about whether it makes sense. Do you believe what you have heard? You might think, “How could the stripes to be different for every zebra? But then again, the fingerprints are different for every person. I think this seems believable.”     FACT MONSTER

Here are some cool links and quotes to inspire and help

1) Listening Ladybugs: A colorful card game that encourages step by step learning. Care of Sublime Speech

2) davidhockney470346

3) How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk: The timeless New York Times Best Seller about parents and children finding a way to listen to each other better. It’s now available via e-book but ry to get the hardcopy though…it goes with the no tech theme!

Have  a great day everyone.


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