Tech Thursday…Cool Apps


Here are some cool Apps that I have discovered along the old inter webs designed for young kids. Disclaimer: I am not a young kid so i cannot vouch for their friendliness. (Some people might disagree with that assessment…John!!) But I digress..on with the apps!


HIP HOP HEN: First off, they jumped right into my wheel house of starting kids as young as you can with some hip hop education. HIP HOP HEN is a phonics app and there are multiple options to choose from to help enhance your kiddos ABC’s. They can pick up catchy alphabet songs on abc flashcards or trace letters using abc letter tracing. Winner of Best kids app for kids 5 and under in 2014. Plus the Hen has mad hip hop skills! Click here to check out the website.


MyBabyD: So this App is not an official App yet but the concept is too cool to not mention and if you like it you can help support the App creators on their Kickstarter Page. I’ll let them explain the concept. “We want to build an app that will combine a photo of your baby with a funky sketch to conjure up an imaginative portrait.” So if you send the designers a picture of your kiddo and they will come up with a unique design surrounding the pic that the parents could then use for family gifts or just to have as a unique added picture. Sounds pretty cool to me! Good find Cool Mom Tech


MagicFlix: Is a curated content app that allows parents to cultivate video content based on age groups. So you can have videos with some great musicians for your 3-6 year olds and then curate some cool science videos for your 6-8 year olds. it really offers a wonderful variety of artists…some who I know personally…a chance to show off the content they have created. You can find out more by clicking here.

Enjoy your apps. Hope they are delicious!


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