No-Tech Tuesday: Experience Book


Have you ever been in a situation where you get to be the narrator to the adventures in your life? You have an attentive audience of willing listeners and you are about to wow them with your storytelling skills! Except you go on to long, mix up the names of the people and places and you never really…end it well. This happens to everyone and it’s usually a process that you get better at with time. What if your ability to convey your thoughts is a disability? Kids who are on the autism spectrum or have language skill problems need as much help as they can to be able to communicate with family and friends. The fine folks at Twodaloo suggest the creation of a EXPERIENCE BOOK. A collection of pictures taken from an experience the family has participated in, bound together in a book with descriptive phrases placed under each picture. The book helps the children with a visual reference in telling the story of the picture and the descriptive phrases can help someone reading the book with the kid cajole them into explaining the story of the pictures in more detail. Creating the book is easy, just take pictures from your phone and you can use a site like PicMonkey to add text. Who knows if the kiddo will ever tell a great story…I mean,I still can’t…but if the idea of speaking at all is difficult for them, an EXPERIENCE BOOK could make a difference.


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