Motivational Monday…Follow My Dreams??


This is motivational blogging 101. Find your passion, live your truth and follow your dreams!!!!!!!!!

(You have to have all the exclamation points or its not emphatic enough.) Let’s get down to brass tacks with this. You absolutely should follow your dreams. But I think what is forgotten is that our dreams are constantly changing. I wanted to be the king of a coconut island when I was 7. Luckily, my dream shifted a bit because I am way off that path!  (My love of coconut has not wained though!) Our dreams do fluctuate over time and what was once undying passion could become something of an enjoyable pastime. But on the flip side of that coin, as humans we do not have to feel “settled.” Every day their is an opportunity to be better and strive for more than the day before. In the course of that drive, you may find the desire to pursue a different road then your dream. Thats ok. It was in the pursuit of yourself that started you on your path in the first place.





May you always find your dreams somewhere


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