Fun Friday: Fun activities for the weekend of July 25-26th


It’s the weekend people and it’s been getting a bit hot out there! (I thought I had some clean shirts to wear today…nope…all covered in sweat.) So keeping the temperature concept in mind, here are some fun activities for you and kiddos to stay cool.

1) 8th Annual Chattahoochee River Summer Splash: Sandy Springs, Ga: Saturday July 25th

What better way to stay cool then to jump in a river! The Chattahoochee River Summer Splash want you to bring down your canoe, kayak or raft and float on down the river from Morgan Falls Dam to Powers Island. When finished there will be food and fun family activities for all.

2) Happily Ever After- An Improvised Disney Musical: Austin, TX:  Saturday July 25th

Here is an easy pitch…hey kids do you Disney? Watch them beat you to the car to get to whatever you have to go! If you’re in Austin, stop by the The Hideout Theater because at 8 pm they do a totally improvised musical inspired by Disney’s classic films. If you worried about Elsa from Frozen all of the sudden cursing like a sailor…worry not! All shows are family friendly.  

3) Kids Week Convention: Southland Mall: Miami, Fl: Saturday July 25th

You have to grab something at the mall and you have the kiddos? That always works out well!!! You can now cover your two birds with one mall. Finishing up a week of activities for the kids at the Southland Mall for Kids Week Convention is “Lets Move Fun Show” from Superstar Productions and a presentation of animals from ZOO Miami. You will be able to shop, dance and play with a fuzzy animal while keeping out of the Florida sun?? Sign me up.

Stay cool this weekend everybody!

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