No Tech Tuesday: Board games for your road trip


As we approach the apex of our summer and see the faintest glimpse of a school house on the horizon, it’s not to late to make a quick U-turn and give yourself one more family road trip. I know the car is smelly and you need to do laundry and the thought of a hotel breakfast buffet is not on the top of your list…but worry not. To ease those travel burden blues we give you a few handy board games that not only will make you laugh, but keep those kids away from those pesky technical devices.


1) Roadtrip Family Board Game: In a post about Road Trip board games, how can I not mention a game called Road Trip Board Game! This games box comes in the shape of a RV camper so it’s not messing around with its title. The game allows you to go on a fun cross country adventure while dealing with Road Trip challenge cards and unpredictable “Rest Stops” to help challenge each player. Good for kids 8 and up. Click HERE to check it out!


2) Spot It! On the Road: If you have ever had olympic style challenges of I Spy, (and was horribly cheated out of a championship by your sibling, and to this day they won’t admit it but I AM NOT BITTER ABOUT IT!!!) then this is the game for you. Spot It! Is played by flipping a card from a pile, and all the passengers must try and find the symbol on the card before the other does. The symbols can range from a mailbox, billboard or traffic sign. Whoever finds the symbol first and collects the most cards wins. WISH I HAD THIS BACK THEN!! (I’m not bitter) Good for kids 5 and up. Click HERE to check it out!


3) Awkward Moment Card Game: Sometimes you hit the magic moment in a road trip where the kids have decided to take a nap at the exact same time. (A miracle I know!) You don’t want to play the music too loud, so is their a games adults can indulge in? You bet there is! Awkward Moment Card Game presents awkward moments, present by moment cards, that provide scenarios such as, you overheard someone talking bad about you or someone insults a dish you make. Then you have to react to the moment based on restraints on the situation from other cards. My guess is that you both lie and say horrible things about what you would do, but it hopefully gets a laugh and makes that trip go a little bit quicker.  Click Here to check it out


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