No Tech Tuesday….Edible Art


You…”Eat your fruit please.”


You…”Please eat your fruit.”


Of course after another try your kiddo agrees to your demands and the dilemma between tired parents trying to feed their resistant kids healthy food is now over forever! If you believe that I have a typewriter business you can invest in. This is a dilemma that will never go away, and today I am not offering any surefire solutions that can help you out. I am offering some fun edible game concepts you might be able to use to trick those kids into trying something new and nutritious. Or at least to take their minds off Ice Cream!

ACTION FOOD BINGO: Imagine all the action of Bingo with a dollop of LETS DANCE. You can create a normal Bingo board out of card stock but instead of letters give the squares activities such as do a jumping jack, squirm like a snake, dance in circle etc. If you want to make the snack pieces veggies or fruits, whose to stop you! To see a sample board check out one here on Babble.

INDOOR SANDBOX: It’s raining, the TV is broken and somebody forgot the iPads. Is their something lying around the house you can do?Well all you need is a large cooking sheet pan and some cornmeal and you can create your very own indoor sandbox. Throw in some small measuring cups, maybe a little plastic toy or two, and you have a sandbox adventure in your own kitchen. Check out this article from handsonaswegrow to see some pictures.

HOMEMADE EDIBLE PAINTS: You can paint and eat! Paint  a cool picture and then eat the rest of the paint! Make a delicious masterpiece! Just save from for me. This was also from handsonaswegrow.

Have a Tasty Tuesday!

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