Tech Thursday…Monster Apps


Scary monsters…come on, even if you don’t like scary monsters…you like scary monsters! The creature of the black lagoon, Frankenstein, the Boogyman are all ghastly creatures of the darkness that we can reflect upon with fondness because they are not real. But when do you decide to share these monsters of the night stories with your kiddos? Hard to judge I’m guessing? Well you can put it off a little while longer because here are some fun monster apps your kids can turn too before we teach them the beauty of being scared by real monsters. (They’re not real right???)


BoomKLAKers: The app combines monsters with music! Designed for kids ages 3 and up it teaches your little ones to keep a beat by moving little monsters around the screen. The way you move and stack the monsters changes the pace of the music and how the monsters dance. There is nothing scary about a dancing monster! Unless its the Mummy, but it’s because his dance moves are scary. Click HERE to download.


Tizzy Monster Pet Vet: What better way to make your kids love monsters than by teaching them to take care of them! This app really turns you into a monster veterinarian. You have to clean your monster’s teeth, listen to its heartbeat, and help remove monster lice. Monster Lice! Now if only that lice thing worked that easy in the real world. Click HERE to download.


Monster Guard: Now here is a monster app that does help you in the real world. The American Red Cross created this app to help kids ages 7-11 learn to deal with possible real life emergencies in the home. As you go through the levels in the games you have to practice what you’ve learned so you will remember it. I have nothing witty to say, this such a smart concept! Click HERE to download

Keep an eye out for those monsters! I keep two, but thats just a precaution. 🙂

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