Motivational Monday…Ask some Questions!


Oh to know it all! Too somehow be plugged into life’s mainframe like the Matrix and just download all the gigabytes of existence right into our brain. You would never again feel weird, unsure or insecure about another thing ever again! You would be the smartest person in the world and never have to ask another question to anyone! Life would be a piece of desert that you can have all day. In our search to seem smart enough, we forget the smartest people in any field that has ever existed at one point…knew nothing about their subject. That to be an expert in something, a person has to be diligent in their pursuits and eventually have to ask someone smarter than them a question. By being inquisitive you will be able to not only find answers to the questions you had, but you might end up thinking of even more questions that could open your mind to unknown possibilities. If you don’t ask for the tools of knowledge…how can you build something from them.






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