Tech Thursday….High Tech Clothes to help Protect Kids

id clothing

It’s time to go back to school! You know what that means? It means books, pens, rulers, notebooks, more pens, highlighters, calculators and yes more pens! When that day of shopping is done, it’s on to the wardrobe department, where the needs of  fashion must be met. I was searching for fun tech clothes this week, to see if their was any new clothing technology for this new  school year. I stumbled across something called Independence Day Clothing, which is clothing designed to help kids who are in the autism spectrum. I didn’t know this, but children with autism might have a tendency to wander off from home. This has to be twice as troublesome to parents who are dropping their kids off at school. What Independence Day Clothing does is provide a GPS system that is sown into the lining of the clothes, and because of the clothing design, there are no wires needed to connect the device to the receiver. The GPS also weighs less than an ounce, so it’s not cumbersome or annoying to lug around. So on top of books and clothes the other thing parents do for the school year is worry about their kids well being. It looks like Independence Day Clothing can help some parents with the latter.

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