Motivational Monday: First Day Back

The new year celebrations have ended, you’re starting to take down the tree decorations, and that familiar sound of early alarm clocks and groaning children has returned. Oh…and your kids have to go back to school as well. How do you motivate yourself to get this familiar train back on track?

1) It’s just another day. You did it before I guarantee you can do it again. There might be some greasy wheels that need some oil due to the holiday’s, but it’s like riding a bike. Just need to remind yourself how it runs. OK, that’s all my wheel analogies for the day I promise.
2) Mix it up. Try something new for yourself today. Have tea instead of that second cup of coffee. Add a little motivational note to your kids lunches to help them through the day. Make dinner for the next two nights so you can go for a longer after work run. Sing a song in the car! Support that new year mentality of growth and change.
3) Try to smile at it all. Even when the day looks long and the prospects look bleak and you think it’s just the same old same old again. Smile at it all. You are still here in 2016 to try to fix it and make it better.

Your Daily Quote

someday 7 days of week

Have a good first day back!



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