Teacher Thursday…some news and notes



Some news and notes from the teacher front! (Disclaimer: When I think of a teacher I am referring to those who use their lives to teach others. This could be mean your sixth grade teacher showing you the periodic table to a mentor passing along a life skill to an apprentice.)

  1. Starting to today in Houston,Tx is the National Title I Conference. The three-day conference focuses on educators involved in the Title I program on a state and federal level, and works to educate and maximize teacher’s ability to better educate kids in their school districts. There is also an exhibition floor for exhibitors to show off their educational wares. I am already downloading some of the educational apps! To check out more go to www.title1.org.com

2. Here is a great article written by a Harvard Astronomy PhD student Wen-fai Fong about the merits of tutoring graduate students while she was studying at Harvard. She created a two-component mentoring program within the Harvard Astronomy Department composed of peer mentoring for incoming first years and opt-in faculty mentoring for upper level graduate students. This was written in 2014 but it uses Star Wars references, so that bumps it up to the modern-day don’t you think! Click here to read the article


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